Petland everything for pets Cessnock, Hunter Valley

We have everything you need for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Ferretts, Rats & Mice at Petland

rat and mouse houses
Rat & Mouse Houses
Rabbit & Guinea Pig Hutches

We have a large selection of housing to suit all budgets and tastes for all small animals, from a plastic mouse house to a Hi Rise timber deluxe hutch.
Hi rise timber deluxe hutch for mice
Food & Bedding
We have a selection of food & treats for all small animals including bags of fresh hay.

Our bedding range includes small bags of fresh straw & hay as well as the carefresh range which is brilliant for odour control.
small animals and pets
Grooming, Health Care, Treats & Toys
Brushes & combs to groom your animal and shampoos.
A range of harnesses and leads. 
A selection of toys including wood Chews which are great for their teeth.
Water bottles and food bowls.
Wormers, Lice Sprays and vitamin supplements.
Did you know you can easily toilet train a rabbit? 
Ask us how.
baby rabbits
baby guinea pig