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At Petland we know our fish

fish tanks
Fish Tanks
We have a range of  glass tanks sized from 10” – 36”, raw or stained hoods, stands and cabinets, as well as tanks complete with filters, lights and heater.
Round fish tanks
fish starter tank kits
Starter Tanks
Large range of tanks that come complete with gravel, filter, water ager, food and ornament. All you have to do is add water then a couple of days later a fish.
aquarium filters
Aquarium Filters, Heaters, Aerators
Filters and heaters
Aerators and more
Aquarium Spare Parts for Aqua One & Aqua Clear
ph test kits
nutrafin fish food
Fish Foods
Extensive range of fish foods
Pellets including a range of Frozen Foods which includes Blood Worms, Brine Shrimp
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Aqua One
Water Conditioners & Treatments
PH Test Kits – PH UP and PH Down
A selection of water conditioners
Treatments to treat White Spot, Fin Rot
And many more common fish diseases
fish medications
fisn tanks heating
Lighting - Heating - Water Heaters
Stocking a large range of light tubes and reflectors.
Fish tanks water heaters
fish tanks accessories
Just about anything that you might need for the set up and maintenance of a great aquarium can be found within the Aqua One product range.
Fish nets, air stones, air pipe, thermometers, hydrometers, gravel cleaners, magnetic glass cleaners and many more products. You'll be surprised how many different products there are in the Aqua One product range. Call in and see us for more details.
red gravel
We have a great range of gravel colours to suit all tastes.
gravel mix for fish tanks
fishtank ornaments
Aquarium Ornaments & Backing Pictures
aquarium ornaments
fish tank plants
Plastic & Live Plants
We have a range of fresh plants and an extensive range of Plastic and Silk plants catering. for all tastes and budgets.
fish tank plastic plants
siamese fighting fish
Siamese Fighting Fish - Tanks & accessories
siamese fighting fish
siamese fighting fish accessories
tropical fish
Large range of Cold Water, Tropical Fish, Goldfish, and various types of Catfish, Cichlids and Gouramis.