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At Petland we have a variety of wound care products to help your pet heal

If your pet is injured and receives a minor cut, scratch or wound, you can clean off the wound with Betadine solution to help prevent the risk of infection by bacteria. The open skin on his body is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.
Betadine solution is typically applied to cuts, incisions, wounds and other injuries as a way of cleaning them out and preventing infection. It is less effective at eliminating existing infections.

Chlorimide- For use on cattle, horses, pigs, sheep and dogs as an aid in the treatment of topical infections and bacterial skin diseases, wounds, cuts and abrasions.

Debrisol- Clears away pus, dead and decaying tissue and promotes rapid healing of wounds, ulcers and abscesses with minimal scarring in dogs, horses, pigs, cattle and sheep. Effective against proud flesh.

Iodine- Skin and wound dressing. An aid in the treatment and prevention of skin infections caused by bacteria & fungi.

Cetrigen- Vetex Skin Lotion is an antiseptic soothing lotion for use on cuts, abrasions and skin conditions, including stings, bites, fungal infections, septic sores and wounds in dogs, cats and horses.
Quickly soothes itchy irritable skin conditions and assists in clearing the lesions. Flea bite allergy responds particularly well to the lotion. Also aids in the treatment of flea induced eczema and allergic dermatitis.

Petseptic- a powerful natural antiseptic, completely non-toxic. It is a topical antiseptic to be sprayed on abrasions, cuts, puncture wounds, burns & skin rashes. It is also effective against fungal & yeast infections.

Vetsense Otiderm aids in the removal of dead tissue and embedded debris by causing maximum differential swelling between living and dead areas.

To encourage healing in horses, dogs and cats when this is impaired by the presence of necrotic tissue, coagulum, debris or wax. This may occur in traumatic injury, surgical wounds and otitis externa

Epi-otic- Safe, regular ear cleanser and also an aid in managing otitis externa and preventing its recurrence.
Contains 4 Broad-spectrum Antimicrobials - Treats and protects against a broad range of infections.

Recovery Collars-Your dog's recovery can be slowed due to persistent licking and chewing following an injury or operation. This Recovery Collar will help restrict this action. The Kazoo Recovery Collar has a padded neoprene lining which offers your dog maximum comfort when wearing the collar.

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