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At Petland we Have all your toiletries

Take the stress out of toilet training your puppy with Pet One Wee Wee Training Pads! Wee Wee Pads are a great hygienic aid for housebreaking new pups and may also be useful for dogs who are incontinent.
Wee Wee Pads are made from super absorbent polymer filling to trap and retain moisture within the pad, while the sealed edges prevent leakage.
Toilet training is one of the most fundamental skills that must be learnt by dogs early in life. Pet One Wee Wee Pads are a great way to minimise “accidents” and is a great tool to train your puppy with.

Yours Droolly® No More Marking prevents pets from revisiting and marking or soiling the same spot twice. When sprayed on previously marked areas it will remove existing stains and odours leaving behind a pleasant aroma that dogs don’t like. Ideal when trying to eliminate bad marking habits. Safe for use around pets and the home when used as directed.

Yours Droolly® No More Urine Stains+Odours completely removes the toughest pet urine stains and odours, leaving behind a pleasant fragrance. This powerful formula utilises deep penetrating, enzymes and oxygenated ingredients that remove all traces of urine. No More Urine Stains+Odours also contains an odour neutraliser agent that starts destroying odours on contact and discourages re-marking. Use No More Urine on carpets, upholstery, linens, clothing, blankets, pet bedding, walls and any other location where your pet has urinated. Safe and effective, it also works on old, deep set stains and odours. Safe for use around children and pets, when used as directed.

Yours Droolly® 3in1 Odour Remover is the ultimate pet odour remover for airborne, fabric and hard surface odours. 3in1 Odour Remover formula reacts with unpleasant pet odours, destroying them on contact on every surface. Spray in the air or on surfaces such as litter boxes, pet beds, cages, sofas, carpets, cars, etc. Safe for use around children and pets when used as directed.

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