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At Petland we have everything to keep your dogs skin & coat healthy

Dermcare Range is a 100% Australian owned and operated company founded in 1981 by Professor Kenneth Mason. There aim is that they concentrate the business on a limited range of very high quality products which are developed for specific veterinary dermatological purposes

Bradfields Range They put great emphasis on manufacturing products that are chemical-free. Environmentally-friendly products are what they're about. Pet-care is something they're passionate about. they emphasise on replacing harsh chemicals with natural derivatives.

Yours Droolly Sensitive Skin Conditioner has been specially formulated with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Oat Beta Glucan Extract to gently moisturise and care for your dog's sensitive skin and coat.

Yours Droolly medicated shampoo Helps relieve skin conditions such as Dermatoses, Eczema and Dry Skin. The formulation contains Anti-Fungal, Anti-Bacterial agents in a low irritant, high lathering shampoo base to help soothe irritated skin whilst gently cleansing coats, leaving your petscoat soft and lustrous, with a fresh clean smell.

Quit-Itch Lotion is a broad spectrum antiseptic skin treatment for skin care of dogs, cats and horses.
For many years, Quit-Itch Lotion treats various skin conditions such as: Eczema, Dermatoses, Fungal infections including Ringworm, Lacerations, Wire Cuts, Burns, Abrasions and other superficial animal wounds Qld Itch, Girth Itch and Greasy Heel

Triocil™ is a high quality antiseptic wash for the relief of various skin irritations of animals. Routine use will not only ensure a soft lustrous coat but prevent skin irritations. Triocil's™ unique formulation is effective in treating the following: Bacterial infections, Fungal infections including Ringworm, Skin rashes, Eruptions, Dandruff, Itching, Cuts and wounds

Life's An Itch–Skin soothing shampoo so doggies won't scratch. This amazing formula relieves skin irritations caused by insect bites and dry skin. Oatmeal and aloe vera work together to soothe the skin. Tea tree oil helps purify, fortify and moisturize hair follicles. Wheat protein, vitamins and chamomile extract nourish the skin and leave the coat silky and conditioned. Avoid eyes and ears.

Oatmeal Natural Shampoo–Soothes skin with oatmeal, aloe and vitamins C & E. Natural shampoo blended with oatmeal, aloe vera, vitamins E & C, heal and protect sensitive skin. Jojoba oil and oatmeal work together to moisturize the skin and soften the coat.

Epi-Soothe S Shampoo Use for the soothing effects of colloidal oatmeal for normal, itchy or dry skin. Gently but effectively cleanses the skin and coat on dogs and cats.

Vetex Concentrated Grooming Shampoo is mildly medicated, pH balanced cleanser, ideal for sensitive skins on dogs horses and cats. Contains pure, Australian natural Tea Tree Oil.

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