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At Petland we have everything you need for nursing

Dogs are omnivores, which means that their diet contains both meat and plant material. Protein from animal sources is important because it provides the full range of essential amino acids required for body maintenance and growth. The fat component of the diet provides a concentrated source of energy and essential fatty acids including omega-3 & omega-6. Growing puppies in particular need a supply of these nutrients in their milk to ensure healthy development.

Di-Vetelact Low Lactose Animal Supplement is an ideal milk replacement for orphaned and early weaned animals. Di-Vetelact can be used in powder or liquid form as a general supplement and offers excellent nutrition during pregnancy and lactation.

Passwell’s Formula One provides a milk that is low in lactose but contains a higher concentrate of whey protein, unsaturated fat and omega-3 fatty acids than lactose modified cow’s milk.

Wombaroo Dog Milk Replacer is a nutritionally balanced milk substitute for all dog breeds. Use for orphaned puppies or when mother’s milk is limited. Specifically formulated to match the composition of bitch's milk it has Elevated fat content for improved growth rate of puppiesand is Low in lactose to aid in digestion

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