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At Goldmans We have Ultrasonic

Animal Away Is A Remote Sensing Ultrasonic/Sonic Alarm With Light Strobe. When An Animal Wanders Into The Sensing Zone, It Gives Off A High Frequency Siren, Which Frightens The Animal Away. The Siren Can Be Set To Ultrasonic (Not Audible To Humans) Suitable For Most Animal Species, Or Sonic (Audible To Humans) For Birds And Older Animals. The Flashing Strobe Light Acts As A Further Deterrent. It Is Operated By Two 9 Volt Batteries And Is Weather Proof, So It Can Be Located Easily In Any Part Of The Garden. Ideal For Deterring Possums, Stray Dogs & Cats, Or Roosting Pigeons

Brunnings on Gaurd sonic cat and dog repellent emits a high pitch, ultrasonic burst when activated, which will be an uncomfortable sound for cats, dogs and nuisance animals.