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At Goldman's, We have all your hoses in rolls or per metre, in a variety of sizes

Chemical Hose - A medium pressure hose with a specially formulated chemical resistant tube. It has good
flexibility, black smooth outer cover with a yellow tube . Used for the transfer of diluted weedicide and
pesticides but also suitable for air/water applications. the temperature range is between 0ºc TO 60ºc

safety hose - A general purpose air and water hose. With excellent flexibility it has a safety yellow ribbed
outer cover with a black inner wall. Its u.v. stabilised and conforms to as2554 class b. The temerature range
is between 0ºc TO 60ºc and has a work. pressure of 230 PSI

Suction Hose - A general purpose heavy duty PVC Suction/Delivery hose, grey with white spiral. Flexible
and strong for Suction and delivery of water slurries, waste, chenicals, agricultural, construction and industrial
use. The Temperature range is between -10ºc TO 60ºc.